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Weight Loss Locomotive

I wrote a short post on motivation the other day based on an experience i had. Since then i have wanted to get this post out for anyone looking to get and stay motivated. you can read that previous post here. Combined with the tips below, you will be on your way to success starting NOW! Weight Loss Locomotive When it comes to reaching our goals in life, whether it […]

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via Healthy Eating On A Budget

I found this great article on “Sarah Curtis Health”.  Many of the tips seem like common sense and very simple to implement.  That is because they are!  Yet for some reason many of us let life’s busyness get the better of us, and don’t regularly put these simple steps into practice. Check out Sara’s tips, they are sure to help you eat healthy while maintaining your budget.


Some days I wake up and wouldn’t be able to define the word, let alone have a single shred of “motivation” in my body.  Even hitting the snooze button multiple times is a chore on those mornings. Luckily those mornings come much less frequently these days, but when I began this mission to get healthy and in shape, it was a very regular occurrence.   I work out in the […]

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8 Week Beach Body Workout

It isn’t too late to hit the gym and get in shape for the last part of summer.  I have used this workout and found the results to be incredible. If you really want to get quick results, check out the diet plan that got me looking and feeling great when I used this plan.  Fat Melting Diet Plan Phase I Day 1 Exercise Sets Reps Load A1 Back Squat […]

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Kickstart Keto

This is my favorite Keto plan.  I have tried a few different plans and I have found this one to work best for me.  Give it a shot and share your experience.  I am confident that you will see results quickly if you follow the plan without cheating. We all know that is the hard part.   Unfortunately with the Keto diet, one carb loaded snack can set our body back […]

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